Monday, August 30, 2010

The Back of the September 2010 Artforum

I've had the new issue of Artforum for a couple of days, but haven't thumbed through it yet. So thanks to for noticing this first.

The back cover of the magazine, since time immemorial, has been devoted to an advertisement for Bruno Bischofberger Gallery from Zurich, generally depicting a folky or bucolic scene from Switzerland in full four color bleed - and the current issue is no exception. Picking up on this art world axiom, conceptual prankster Rob Pruitt presents this as September 2010's penultimate page.

It seems Greg Allen "art directed" his presentation of RIP OFF THE BACK COVER TO MAKE THIS THE COVER by photographing it against a tabletop with a blue, green and lavender floral pattern that complements the colors of the ARTFORUM logo.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Taiwanese TV Animation on "Ground Zero Mosque" and US Islamophobia

Taiwanese TV broadcasts often contain digitally animated re-stagings that summarize events from around the world. Are they attempting to gestate a new art form? Possibly. But more likely it's cheaper to have a computer geek create the images rather than shooting and/or editing actual footage from the scene, or paying for the feed of an international news service (China vs. that nagging intellectual property issue again!). Previous coverage has run the gamut from political demagogues (Sarah Palin) to celebrity culture (Lindsay Lohan), as well as British budget worries (the Queen sells her swans for meat) and the Philippine hostage crisis.

Here is their take on the "Ground Zero mosque" controversy, which combines certain clueless errors (is that REALLY where New York City is - right in the center of the state?) with weird cultural mash-ups conflating campy 1960s beach bunny films and fundamental Islamic dress codes for women ("Burkini Blanket Bingo"). The risibly expedient shop names - "Greg's Ground Zero Gay Bar", "Ground Zero Starbucks", "Ground Zero Deli" - lampoon (perhaps unintentionally) the reductive "hallowed ground" blinders of the anti-Muslim fear mongers.

And here is their Palin video. Watch a somewhat Asian Palin shoot mama grizzlies from a helicopter, parachute into a "Teabagger" rally, read buzzwords inked on her palm, toke a joint with Todd, "refudiate" the English language, do a pole dance to raise campaign contributions, wink a whole lot, and grapple with Obama in a mud wrestling pit.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Someone is Parodying Jeffrey Deitch on Twitter

from Culture Monster, the LA Times blog:

Who is parodying Jeffrey Deitch on Twitter?
August 16, 2010 | 12:25 pm

Someone on Twitter doesn't like Jeffrey Deitch, and the person has channeled his or her feelings into parody.

Last week, a Twitter account named @FakeDeitch started sending out messages that appear to mimic Deitch, the former gallery owner who recently became the head of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

The tweets include remarks directed toward MOCA staff, Eli Broad and Times art critic Christopher Knight...

As of Monday morning, @FakeDeitch had sent out 44 tweets and amassed a following of 119 Twitter users -- all in less than one week.

It's not known who is behind the @FakeDeitch account on Twitter. An attempt to get the user to reveal his or her identity has so far gone unanswered. A spokesperson for MOCA said that the museum has no connection with the Twitter account.

Twitter guidelines forbid impersonation, but they allow for parody so long as the user makes his or her intent clear.

"In order to avoid impersonation, an account's profile information should make it clear that the creator of the account is not actually the same person or entity as the subject of the parody/commentary," says Twitter policy.

So long as the account follows Twitter rules, "it will generally be free to continue in its parody so long as it doesn't mislead or deceive others."

Update: There are now 57 tweets on the site, which has 193 followers. Here are some of the more notable:

I just realized we don't have any Prop 8-related art @MOCALosAngeles. Someone call Baldessari & tell him to put dots on gay wedding photos.
@artipsnyc You'll be interested to know that while some NY people thought my taste was tacky, people in LA think it's understated. #iamhome
Do you think Dan Flavin would mind if we changed his fluorescent lights into tanning lights for the Jersey Shore stars? #JerseyShoreSeason3
Sorry I haven't been posting more reading from the Holy Book of James Franco, but I'm waiting for the TV movie & I'll link to that.
I'm still recovering from my weekend. Collectors, I mean, donors here are a curious bunch.
@cmonstah Tell the hipsters to come to @MOCALosAngeles, a hipster safe zone. If it wasn't for them my gallery would've been a ghost town.
James said he'd star in the Dennis Hopper film I'm directing. Working title, "An Art Star is Born." We're going to make millions.
Anyone want to buy a Kehinde Wiley? I need a new car.
Hello, @KanyeWest, why aren't you returning my call? I have a curatorial opportunity for you.
Eli just stole my parking spot. It's my space, asshole. I would call you a billionaire douche bag but that would be redundant.
Do I have to bring my Koons puppy indoors? How do you say that in Spanish? / @latimes Heat wave to hit LA this weekend
When most people think "museum" they think art. When I think museum, I think profit potential.
Hey @brooklynmuseum, Is the #WorkofArt exhibition traveling? Need another venue?
@KnightLAT You need to start being nicer to me. I will own you one day.

Further Update:
303 followers, 94 tweets.

Idea: maybe I should teach Lady Gaga to paint.

I got my paycheck today and it's not pretty. Looks like I need to sell another art work. Anyone want to buy a Barry McGee?

Did I get that audition or not? / @fakeDeitchagent: Just discovered MOCA is nonprofit. Have 2 find out clause for Jeff: he's thinking profit

Just told my staff at @MOCALosAngeles to call me J.D., never refer to me as "museum director" & if my agents calls tell him I'm at the gym.

Got off the phone with my agent. He thinks I should play down "museum director" thing & lose 5 pounds. I said I'm barely a director anyway.

@JetSetGraffiti I think it's great that graffiti-ists think you're artists. Don't worry, I'll make sure you guys are in the gift shop.

In case you're wondering what I meant by "tracing an evolution possible only in LA" in Artist's Museum pr, I mean I can do what I want.